Three Things Thursday – III

Three Things, One Post, Three Lovely Hosts – that is 3 Things Thursday in a nutshell. It is the brainchild of Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch, Raj from Pink Chai Living, and Salma from The Write Balance. Please check out all the other bloggers’ 3 Things Thursday posts and feel free to join in the fun!

Thing One: Scandal a.k.a the show I should not admit to watching


People, Scandal is like crack, the dirty cheap version of something better, but oh so addictive.  That season finale was something – don’t want to ruin it for anyone else watching, but I really didn’t see that coming. When does Season 4 start again?

Thing Two: TedxLums on the 26th of April!

My little brother Murtaza (who at 28 is not-so-little) is part of a team of LUMS students in Lahore, Pakistan who are putting together a Tedx event. Briefly put they are holding a conference that is Ted-like in its approach and includes videos of actual Ted talks, but the selection of live speakers, the material etc is organized by the students behind this amazing effort. The LUMS lineup is already looking very interesting. For more details please check their site out. I suspect that my favorite talks will make it to next weeks Three Things Thursday.

Thing Three: My Little Chef


Today my daughter and I made mushroom pasta for the third time in a month. I suggested she learn how to make something else and asked her what she would like to learn to make. She promptly replied “Salad”. As I wiped tears of joy from my eyes (only a slight exaggeration) I said “That’s a great idea, we can make some salad for dinner, Abba (Dad) will be here too”. Her reply “Mama then we should put lots and lots of mirchein (chillies) in it, Abba sure loves them”. LMFAO. At least she knows her audience well 🙂

Fyi that’s a butter knife there. Her fingers and thumbs are intact.

2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – III

  1. Thanks for linking up Sarah! I’ve heard a lot about Scandal but haven’t watched it yet. Your description sounds like it needs to be my next netflix series to watch! And that’s so great that you have your little one helping in the kitchen. I have my toddlers help me out when it comes to baking but haven’t tried meals yet, that’s a good suggestion. Have a fabulous week!

    • Thanks for stopping by Salma! Always happy to see that you’ve been here 🙂 It is tons of fun to have Zara helping out, also helps that she is more likely to finish her food when she made it!

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