Party Invite and Awards!

Check it out – I just found a way to make Mondays more cheery!

Ayesha at Cooking with Ayesha very kindly nominated me for the Liebster and Quintet of Radiance awards and my blogger  buddy Ninja Naan and I are teaming up to put together an Eid Party. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Eid you can read more here. Eid ul Fitr is my favourite of the two Eids and I am so excited to be putting together this blog party with Henna. The idea is simple – post a recipe that you would make on Eid – it could be something traditional or something new. Henna and I will post the round up a few days before Eid and voila! Won’t it be fun to have a bunch of Eid /entertaining friendly recipes on hand before Eid?

(Yes, as some of you may have guessed I am hoping to host an Eid related event and totally could use some menu ideas heheh)

If you are interested then leave a message in the comments section or reach out to me at Some of you will also be getting emails from us over the course of the next few weeks.

Now on to the Awards! Actually pause for a second; before I go into the awards you should go check out Ayesha’s blog. She cracks me up. And makes delicious looking food. I kinda want to be her friend, but that sounds a little creepy doesn’t it?


Okay back to less creepy things, the Liebster which I was nominated for once before celebrates newer bloggers and the Quintet of Radiance award is the following 5 awards rolled in to one. Pretty cool huh?


Both awards usually require some longer questions and answers, but Ayesha has graciously given us a bit of a pass on those and instead asked that her nominees share a few facts. Since I am aim to please, I will provide the 5+ she suggested. Actually, since my younger sister Maria is here I have asked her to help out. Here she goes:-

  1. Sarah always laughs at her own jokes halfway through them.
  2. She can eat more raita  than anyone on this planet
  3. Her nicknames for her children are usually food items (yummy ones)
  4. She has three children (me, Maria, included)
  5. Sarah has tons of purses and she is good at sharing them. Lol.

Thank you Maria for your help 😛

I’d like to pass both these awards on to the following 5 with the same ‘rules’ as Ayesha i.e. share a few facts about yourself, link back to this post, pass it on to whomever you please, and participation is optional.

1. I’ll Cook You Wash

2. Driving Ms. Desi

3. Sadafs Culinary Adventures

4. The Vanilla Bean Dream

5. Ocean View Kitchen

Happy Monday all you beautiful people!

19 thoughts on “Party Invite and Awards!

    • Here’s a helpful note – only ask a sibling to help if you want to give them free license to make fun of you for 20 minutes straight 😉

  1. Assalamaleikum Sarah, Thanks for the honour. Insha’Allah I shall post these awards on my blog soon. I am looking forward to the Eid party too. Incidentally, I have also been hosting a Virtual Eid Potluck Party on my blog for the past couple of years and plan to do so again this year. I hope to have you over.

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  3. Hello Sarah!! Congrats on the award once again…. and I’m glad that you guys have come up with the amazing Eid party idea…. I got an email from Henna too….Will enjoy sharing recipes hon, have a great fun-filled Ramadan and Eid!! ❤ 😉 P.s my dear friend, you've introduced me with such generosity, i find myself blushing ( ^_^ )

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