Three Things Thursday – V

Time for Three Things Thursday – and check it out, this week I am actually getting them out on Thursday – woohoo! Let’s ignore the fact that I have posted nothing in the week in between – (good) stuff is coming, I promise 🙂

On the plus side Thursdays are kinda becoming my favorite day because I get to read everyone elses favorite things so please don’t forget to hop on over to the host bloggers for Three Things Thursday i.e. Salma at The Write Balance, Raj at Pink Chai Living, and Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch. Also if you are a fellow blogger then join the party – the more Three Things posts the merrier!

Thing One: Desi Touch

Has anyone been by Anthropologie recently? Me neither. Lol. With two kids this size I don’t really wander through stores for fun anymore.

Anyway, back to Anthropologie – look at all the fun stuff below. While I don’t  necessarily love all these items I do like the ‘desi’ influence, makes me feel more confident about wearing some of my things from back home this summer.

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Thing Two: Bath and Body Works Candles

There are two kinds of smells that are impossible to get of. Deep fried anything (wings when I make them) and the after curry smell. I have boiled lemons, cinnamon sticks, Febrezed the crap out of everything, but nothing works as well as these candles. The 3-wick ones specifically. They go on sale all the time too which is a nice plus!


 Thing Three: My Gym Donation

What is that you may ask? Well, when you pay monthly for a gym and childcare at that gym yet never go it is pretty much a donation. Since my gym isn’t exactly a charity organization I need to change that somehow. But with baby no 2 waking up constantly at night and my day ‘starting’ at 6AM I don’t know when/where to find that precious time and energy combination. With warmer weather coming my hiding-in-coat days are coming to an end. Eeps and Double Eeps.


Spicy Thai Noodles

I like recipes that are quick, easy, and spicy. When this one at A Small Snippet checked all three boxes then I knew I had to give it a try. I tweaked it a little and have written the recipe as I made it. I do confess though that the ‘dressing’ for the noodles made a lot more than I needed. What I love though is that I have been able to keep it in the fridge, shake it up and add to noodles with whatever veggies I have on hand and some lime and it’s delicious every time.

This recipe is infinitely adaptable, feel free to play with it as you go along, especially with spice levels, my family (minus the tot) likes things pretty spicy which is why I use a full 2 tbsp of chilli flakes and add in diced green chillies. If you wanted to make it more ‘substantial’ then you could even add protein to the mix in the form of shrimp, tofu or chicken. Or, for a purely vegetarian version, omit the fish sauce.


The original recipe calls for cooling the dressing and noodles, I had mine warm – it was raining and warm spicy noodles really hit the spot.


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Three Things Thursday – IV

ImageI know, I know. It’s Friday and the post is called Three Things THURSDAY. But guys, between the two kids, a playdate, and some fabulous roast chicken (to be posted), Thursday just rushed by. So here we go, 3 random things I have thought about/done over the week and get to share with you thanks  to our lovely blog hosts The Write Balance, Pink Chai Living, and Love Laugh Mirch.

Thing One: Matchy Matchy Much?

I must confess to having rolled my eyes at the kids who are obviously a few years apart and dressed exactly alike. Apparently Karma is a thing because twice in the last week I have been bamboozled by my 3 year old into finding/ordering an identical outfit for my 6 month old. Sigh. So now if any of you are in Toronto and happen to see two lil ones in the swim outfit below please don’t roll your eyes. It could totally happen to you.


Thing Two: The Book of Awesome

Okay so I am a little late to the party on this one (too), but a friend of mine got an autographed copy of this book for me shortly after Baby No.2 was born. Things got crazy and I only actually got it from her a few weeks ago and started reading it this week. “A high five for humanity” is how they describe it and I think that’s quite apt. It is basically a collection of the little things that make us all happier, but that we don’t ever take notice of. Like the pillow fluff. You know when you’re uncomfortable at night then flip your pillow over, fluff it a little and life is good again. Yeah… 🙂 Every day has so many little feel good moments like this, I love this book for reminding me to take notice of them!


Btw did you notice how I casually threw ‘autographed copy’ in their like the fact that is is autographed didn’t almost make me die from excitement 🙂

Thing Three: Mothers Day

With mothers day around the corner Shana at Ain’t No Mom Jeans (my favorite mom fashion blogger) has put together an awesome gift idea roundup. Love some of the stuff there and so wish I was cool enough to rock leather leggings, but alas that’s another matter for another time.  Love the umbrella and raincoat though – even more so given that we seem to have had nothing but rain this past week!



Picture Source: Ain’t No Mom Jeans

What do you guys think about Mothers Day? Am starting to feel like what should be about expressing genuine appreciation has turned into something far less meaningful. That said who doesn’t like pretty stuff 🙂