Three Things Thursday – XI

Who missed Three Things Thursday last week because they were too tired/frazzled/disorganized? My sheepish self that’s who.

Well I am back now for my favorite time of the week and want you to go check out my lovely Three Thing Thursday hosts Raj at Pink Chai Living, Salma at The Write Balance, and Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch.

Thing One: Splash Pads

With the weather getting nice and hot we have started going out to splash pads. When I see my little girl running among pirate ships and playing with fountain sprouting alligators I cannot help but compare it to my childhood where monsoon rains were the closest we got to splash pads. Inevitably rain meant the power would go out and we would have to change out of our heavy wet clothes by candlelight before biting into those hot pakoras that every desi mom seems to be so good at.


Here I just give my kid popsicles – homemade if she is (un)lucky heheh

Thing Two: Creamed Honey


Anjana at The Corner of Happy and Harried  recently wrote a post about her visit to a farm and mentioned honey cream. She describes it as ‘delightful’ and after trying this maple flavored spread I concur.

Thing Three: Sisters

My sister delayed her return to Karachi by a week and is now getting ready to leave. What is it about siblings that no matter how long they are around it doesn’t seem like enough. Unless you are young, then they are just freaking annoying 😉

image (2)

Missing you already MJ.


11 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – XI

  1. Going to splash pads is on our bucket list this summer. Your childhood back home is a big change from your daughter’s childhood, it makes you appreciate the little things 🙂

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