Three Things Thursday

Hello all you awesome people and here is this weeks Three Things Thursday. Happy Reading!

Thing One: Cronuts

This past weekend I walked by a bakery and saw cronuts and I had to have them. You know largely because I had seen them on tv and the tv peeps told me they were good and everything on tv is clearly true. Lol. But check it out: doesn’t this bakery look super pretty? In my fantasy world where I run a cute bakery cafe it has displays that look roughly like this.

IMAG1928 IMAG1930

Anyway, back to said cronut. It was more like a layered donut than a layered croissant in the sense that the dough was flaky, but with the soft chew of a donut. Definitely yummy, but not something I think I would crave. Or use in the place of a burger bun (apparently that’s a thing).

Thing Two: Off with the Hair 

My hair had gotten pretty long and out of shape. You know when I start wearing hats that there are some serious issues at hand.


So then I did this.


I think it was last this short in school and although I seem to be getting a lot of responses along the lines of a sympathetically phrased “it will grow out” I actually don’t mind it at all.

Oh and the baby bjorn really is a permanent feature at this point!

Thing Three:  I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Baby No 2 is a happy baby and I am so very blessed to have her in my life. But the kid won’t sleep at night. Between the frequent wakings and the combined demands of my two during the day I have become quite crabby and a little crazy. The other day at a playdate/lunch I turned to a friend and said I hate myself, I really do. And instead of telling me why I shouldn’t etc etc she said I get it and started to tell me why.

Sometimes it is good to be gotten. Yes, yes, I know that is grammatically incorrect in 100 different ways.

Oh and thank you – you know who you are 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. You are brave my friend! I always go to the salon thinking I will chop off my hair but end up wimping out 😛

  2. I like the hair cut… short is nice and very do able when you have a new baby in your hand. And yes, there are LOT of times when I hate myself too.. so don’t worry. We all have been there at some point in our lives.

  3. Cronuts really are all over the place right now! I’ve never had one because the wave hasn’t hit Japan yet but I know I won’t particularly like it for the simple fact of what it is.
    That place does look nice though!
    Good luck with your kid. My best friend is going through the same thing right now.

  4. OMW, I know how you feel, having a very little (ie 5 month old, how old is your little one?) as the second child is tough! You have been gotten!!
    Love the cut, I did mine myself in the bathroom into a bag at the 4 month post partum mark. I just got so sick of it, and I was sick and the wet hair was making me feel worse, plus the hair fall, I was finding hairs everywhere, I mean everywhere, don’t ask me where, you don’t want to know 😮
    I have yet to taste a cronut 😦

    • *hug* I have a shower with a reasonably large drain and about 4.5 months after I had Mishaal there was water standing in my shower because the drain was clogged. I hear you loud and clear. My older one is 3.5 and the second one is 7 months

      • Lol. Did I just write that? My older one is 3.5 too and I had the same issue with my drain, even though I collect everything in a neat ball. My husband says it attacks him in the shower! haha!

  5. The hair looks great! I had a brainwave and wanted a change and dyed a single streak in my hair. I wanted it to be grey / white but my hair refused to listen and its a bright blonde, but I dont mind it either lol. And yes! Its totally great to be gotten 🙂
    Did you give any thought to the blog tour?

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