Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! After missing yet another week I am back now no thanks to the ‘gentle’ reminder from my friend AG πŸ˜› So here are my 3 things for the week, happy reading πŸ™‚

Thing One: Desi Problems

Having to shower before going to the gym because you just cooked lunch. Feeling personally offended when your child says something is ‘too spicy’ and you know it is mild at best. Knowing you need to walk away from the black eyeliner, but being unable to resist.

Thing Two: Instruction Maker

My daughter had a Eid playdate for friends. She started decorating the cake and then turned and said to me “Listen up, I am getting hungry, you finish the decorating and I will be the instruction maker”. I said “like the head chef?” and she said “no, the instruction maker”. After giving me many many directions, she then inspected my work, had me add more sprinkles in some parts and said “good listening mama, good job, I am so proud of you”.


At least she is a benevolent tyrant.

Thing Three: The Shoes

When I go to the park I wear sandals. No, not functional Tevas types, but beaded ones, pretty ones. Not necessarily ‘park friendly’ and so in the interest of not having to wear full out sneakers and have something comfy on I bought these shoes (for under 40 – woohoo) and they are so incredibly light that it feels like I don’t have a real shoe on. It is a little disorienting actually, but my feet love it.


I first saw them on a friend in DC last year (hello friend) and thought they were pretty cute. Apparently that’s because she basically has size 5 feet, on my 8.5 they don’t look so cute.

Enh – you win some, you lose some.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Now head on over to The Write Balance, Pink Chai Living,Β and Love Laugh MirchΒ to check out the other awesomeness that is happening this Thursday.

19 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. What? But Why? When did this become a Thing? I love my black eyeliner, I may or may not choose to wash my face on a particular day but I wouldnt be caught dead without my black eyeliner!!

    I know this is an old post and I am a random, silent stalker (read: reader, totally Not creepy) but black eyeliner!

    • Also..since I have just broken my silence, I might as well add.. I came across your blog while randomly googling “Pakistani food bloggers” while missing home, or something, and have been enchanted ever since, and catching up! I too suddenly found myself go from a finance professional back home, piling up the corporate hours, to a homemaker by circumstance in a new land πŸ™‚ and I discovered how exhilaratingly High the aroma of vanilla and sugar emanating from my oven makes me hehe..and thats Before any sugar enters my bloodstream. Yikes..

      You have beautiful babies! And a refreshing blog – keep writing, please!

  2. Ohmigod! thank you so much for coming out of hiding πŸ˜‰ I have the biggest dorky smile on my face (I sadly only know how to smile in a dorky manner). Re: eyeliner, I slept badly last night, am dead tired and as usual put some ‘subtle’ eyeliner on i.e. all around my eye but not too thick just to walk my daughter to school lol. Can’t help myself…

    Totally relate to you on the sugar vanilla high – that’s almost the best part! thanks for the sweet comments, really really appreciate it!

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