Three Things Thursday

Hello it’s me. I know, I know, I haven’t been Three Things Thursdaying much recently, but it has been a little chaotic round here. Thankfully I finally have the illusion of control if not control itself and so here I am back in the fray πŸ™‚

Thing One: School

My big girl – hurts my heart when I think of her like that – is now in her second week of school. There were tears (mostly mine) and the unfinished lunches continue, but other than that she is so happy. It makes me a little sad to think that “mama zara days” are over and that my little coffee-croissant buddy will now be gone 5 days a week.

unnamed (1)


Fortunately for me I have another little buddy to keep me company! When she goes to kindergarten I will probably lose it. lol

Thing Two: Red Baby Red

I don’t have a stand mixer. When I tell people that they are usually very surprised, but the fact is that I don’t need one. My compact kitchen doesn’t have the room and I love my handheld mixer. When it finally wheezed and whirred for the last time this past week I had to replace it.


So I did. With the same one. In a different color if that counts πŸ™‚ If you’re looking for a good hand mixer that you can really put through the paces for several years (mine lasted 5) then this Kitchenaid 5 speed is it. No, they don’t give me anything for saying this. I wish.

Thing Three: Flipp

I have recently discovered price matching and it is so easy that I thought I would do a quick share here. Going through flyers with scissors isn’t exactly my thing, but tapping a screen even I can do and that my Canadian friends is where Flipp comes in. It won’t give you Extreme Couponing style savings, but if I can have more money to shop withΒ  pay less for my groceries then why not I say!

Daddy, I know you’re proud hehe

Don’t forget to show a little love for my awesome hosts at The Write Balance, Pink Chai Living and Love Laugh Mirch.



11 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I’m one of those moms too who don’t want their kids to go to school because we miss them so much:) but like you I have a three year old daughter to keep me company while here big baji goes to school:)

  2. My guys is supposed to be starting Kindergarten (but teachers are still on strike here) but I’m like you too, sad about it because now for the next 13 years, he’s going to be in school 5 days a week, ack! But he’s excited about it, so I’m happy about that. And I recently discovered Flipp too, love it!! And happy to have you 3 things thursdaying again πŸ™‚

  3. Seems that I am the only one mom who is happy that her kids are going to school!!!! πŸ™‚ I guess if I had a girl I might be like you but with three boys… No No No .. better off to school to absorb their energy. Nice post Sarah.

    • Hahah thanks Amira – trust me if this was two months ago when she was in full on brat mode I would have been more than a little pleased but as luck would have it she turned into a little angel for the 3-4 weeks before school started. sigh.

  4. Omg what a cutie mashAllah! I can understand how hard the transition must be for you. I remember when I started Zunoon in preschool several months ago, I used to sit at home and just be depressed until it was time to pick him up.
    and LOL @ Amira’s comment! That was hilarious!

    • hehe thanks! you’d think I’d be cooler given that Zara’s been in early care/preschool two days a week since she was 1 1/2 but nooooo

    • lol tell me about it – I went out for dinner with school friends last night and realized I was a full decade older than most of the people at the restaurant!

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