Three Things Thursday

You know how sometimes you mean to call someone back, but then you forget and think “oh wait I’ll do it tomorrow” and  then something comes up and you forget again. Then you find yourself a little embarrassed and don’t get in touch out of pure awkward “i-suck-so-much-ness”. Well that’s where I am at with Three Things Thursday. It’s been so long that it feels a little weird being back this week to join in the fun, but I sucked it up and here I am 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone and please pop by and visit the hosts at Love Laugh Mirch, The Write Balance, and Pink Chai Living.

Thing One: My Two Little Things


My younger daughter turned one in November and with each passing day I watch her relationship with my older one grow further and further and it gives me the warm fuzzies like nothing ever before. There is a part of me that wants to hit the pause button on this time so I can savor it while it lasts. Someone needs to tell me how to make this happen!

Thing Two: Madam Secretary


I am a  huge fan of the show The Good Wife not least of all because it has a strong intelligent woman at it’s center and now Madam Secretary has joined it’s ranks in that department. While it is not as hard hitting as other political dramas it is really interesting and I really like the character Tia Leoni plays. If you haven’t seen it then check it out!

Thing Three: Hazelnut Granola

FullSizeRender (1)

I have a well documented love of all things hazelnut so it is hardly surprising that when I saw this at Target recently (sniff bye bye Target) I grabbed a box. Now I am kinda wishing I had grabbed two.


15 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I had been following the good wife for the first 2 seasons, then kinda lost interest somewhere in the beginning of the third one…but ive been told it got even better after that. Will have to check out madam secretary now.
    Oh and i love the idea of ‘three things thursday’. Sounds fun 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah! So I totally get the phone call scenario… Been there… lol!
    I started watching the first season of the good wife and then lost interest. I’ll be sure to check it out again on your recommendation. Thanks!

  3. Never feel weird no matter how long it’s been, we are always happy when you link up 🙂 Love the Good Wife so I’ll have to check out Madam Secretary. And happy birthday to your littlest. I love the moments when my two are just loving each other so I totally get it!

  4. This happens to me frequently and finally I just buckle up and make that call/email/tweet just to do the right thing and so I have it off my list of things I should have done days ago! Human nature! I will try this granola next time I am at Target…love hazelnuts as well.

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