Mini  Oreo Truffle Cakes

Happy Valentines Day peeps! Or rather happy-another-excuse-to-indulge day! Despite initially thinking I would effectively sit this one out I have so far made two variations on Bubble valentines, made several batches of heart shaped cookies, and two desserts. Clearly, I am weak willed.

Mini Oreo Truffle Cakes

I was in the car the other day (on my way to the store) brainstorming about an eggless easy treat that I could put together for a Valnetine’s party for the girls that a friend of mine was hosting. I had made Oreo truffles a while back that tasted like tasty little cheesecakes, but disliked the fiddliness of it all. The rolling, the perpetually dirty hands, the nuisance of getting even chocolate on, it just wasn’t for me. I am too lazy you know.

So this is what I did, whizzed together all two of my ingredients in a food processor, lined a mini muffin pan with plastic wrap, quickly pressed in tablespoons of ‘dough’, froze, then dipped the tops in chocolate and let it harden. Cutesy white chocolate heart covered with sprinkles optional.

Mini Oreo Truffle Cakes

Before I go on to the recipe I wanted to apologize to my wonderful subscribers. I was experiencing technical difficulties on Thursday which I now realize were because of my ancient laptop. Now if you will excuse me I will go find a place to bury it…

Mini Oreo Truffle Cakes
(makes a dozen)

One box Oreos
4 oz or half a block cream cheese
Approx 3 cups chocolate chips

Break the Oreos into pieces and put them in a food processor, pulse a few times, then roughly cut the cream cheese into pieces and add to the Oreos, process till smooth.

Tear off a sheet of plastic wrap and press into the first vertical third of your mini muffin tin, be sure to leave a big overhand. Repeat till the sheet is covered. Then take generous spoonfuls and press into the muffin tins, make sure to fill till the top and even it off. Freeze for 30 minutes. Then melt chocolate (microwave, double boiler, stovetop, whatever you’re more comfortable with). Line a platter or baking sheet with parchment paper. Dip the tops and sides of the truffles into the chocolate – if you want you can do bottoms too, but you can worry less about coverage there. You can add sprinkles at this point. Then let harden, eat.

Mini Oreo Truffle Cakes

For white chocolate hearts: Melt some white chocolate and draw/fill some hearts onto parchment/wax paper and quickly cover with sprinkles pressing gently to make sure they adhere. It is best do pipe a heart then immediately pour on sprinkles (you can take excess off later) so that the chocolate is still soft enough for the sprinkles to adhere to. To attach the hearts to the truffles simply dab a little melted white chocolate to the truffle and place the heart on the melted chocolate.

If you are not comfortable free styling it or want them all to be exactly the same then make a template and place it under your paper to trace over.

Mini Oreo Truffle Cakes

Tip: Wilton’s icing bags are microwave safe so you can melt your white chocolate in those then cut the tip off and pipe on.

Mini Oreo Truffle Cakes

10 thoughts on “Mini  Oreo Truffle Cakes

  1. Dude these are so adorable! You can totally customize them, depending on the occasion! Now I’m thinking of ways to make them boyish for Zuni’s upcoming birthday party 🙂

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