Spicy Baked Eggs in Bread Boats with a Jalapeno Cheese Sauce

By this time, like me you have probably seen countless beautiful Mothers Day brunch dishes floating around the internet, taking over Pinterest, spreads that are beautiful and magazine worthy and you know would just take hours. Well, if like me you are strapped for time then here is a quick delicious mothers day dish that requires little work and delivers some great flavor. It is also a really fun one dish brunch to make for friends with perhaps a little bit of fresh fruit on the side.

Spicy Baked Eggs in Bread Boats with a Jalapeno Cheese Sauce

To all you wonderful mamas, grandmamas and mama in laws out there – especially mine – hope you have a wonderful and delicious Mothers Day 🙂

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Three Things Thursday

Happy One Day Away from Friday everyone! Today I am back with Three Things Thursday hosted by Love Laugh Mirch, The Write Balance, and Pink Chai Living. Go ahead and check out what everyone else has up their sleeves this week – right after you read this of course 😉

Thing One: “Used” Plates

I can imagine how horrified my mother would be that I recently acquired a chipped plate “Tooti hui plate lenay ki kya zaroorat thhi?!?” (“Why did you need to buy a broken plate?”). Of course my father would ask if the chips in the plates determined the discount received (I am onto you daddy).

In all seriousness I have been meaning to add something with a little more character to my collection of food props and when I heard of someone selling some vintage pieces she had brought over from Ireland that was my cue to get cracking. By which I mean my poor husband and two kids sat in the car on a very hot day while I went through 200 odd plates and cups and got these. Aren’t they so pretty?


Thing Two: Frozen and Frozen

You’ve heard of the movie, yes? lol. I kid – unless you know zero girls under the age of 12 you’ve probably heard of it more times than you like. Well if you follow me on Instagram (@sarahjmir) then you already know two lovely little friends of my daughters had Frozen parties recently and their mothers were kind enough to let me have some fun with some yummy treats.

FullSizeRender (1) IMG_0543

I did these Frozen snowflake cookies for one party and the 3-tiered buttercream ruffle cake with a Frozen Lego topper and smarties nestled in the center for another. Just in case anyone is trying to attempt the M&M cake let me warn you that they sort of pack in over time and don’t gloriously spill over quite as you hoped. You live you learn (sorry Vaish!).

Thing Three: Girly Girl

It is no secret that I was a bit of a tomboy, it is also no secret that I was thrilled to bits when my first born took to trains and roughhousing over dolls and dress up. However, my second at the grand old age of one will throw tantrums to wear dresses, bring me skirts from her dresser to put on top of whatever she is wearing, will walk around carrying a purse and a ‘baby’. It is amusing, somewhat perplexing and occasionally downright irritating. At ONE, really?!?!?!?

DSC_0079 (Large)

I see many sparkly dresses in my future – eeps.

(full disclaimer: I did not buy her that dress, but I suspect she will love for life the friend of mine who did!)

Orange Cake

I know, I know, it’s Spring. Citrus was so last season. I shouldn’t even be entertaining the idea of such blasphemous behavior, but you know what guys, this cake is easy and delicious all year round. There is something about beautiful sunny days that makes me want to eat things that feel bright and sunny and this cake does.

Orange Cake

So maybe you make it now and then again in the winter? You know, just to balance things out 😉

apr 19 15 344

I am not sure whose recipe this is, but all of the women in my family have it in their go to recipe book, the one that is a ‘best of’ of sorts. Also there? My super easy Lemon Velvet. I know, I know, I gots citrus on my mind.

Back to this cake then, I used to make it with a hand mixer and then it occurred to me that since it is made with oil not butter creaming is a little unnecessary so I just let my whisk and arm do a little bit of work and call it a day. The orange zest is my addition, but it goes a long way towards enhancing the orange flavor so please don’t skip it. I do skip making the glaze sometimes and instead warm and pour over some lovely sticky orange marmalade to good effect.

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