Three Things Thursday

Hello my friends and welcome back to my corner of the blogosphere! Where have I been you may ask? Well, read on to find out…

Thing One: Happy Colours

For a myriad of reasons we had a joint birthday celebration for our two girls on the labor day weekend. Party planning took a lot of time, but the end result was worth it.  Both the girls had a fantastic time despite it being what seemed like the hottest day of the summer.

Thing Two: This Beauty, That City, So Much Love

My younger sister had once said that happiness is having a large family that loves you very much and lives very far away. This fall my brother got married in Karachi. The wedding brought together the entire Jafri clan, a grand total of 12 people under one roof. Mind you, that’s just my immediate family.


As you can imagine there was a great deal of love, laughter and food and it all ended with us welcoming the beautiful woman above into our family.

Thing Three: Being Mama

Whenever I go through these periods, times where thinking straight seems impossible I have a renewed respect for those dedicated bloggers who have small children and yet somehow manage to do it all. I shouldn’t really complain though because if there are any two faces that I am okay with taking up all my time then it is these two.

The good news is now I am back and should be back to posting a lot more regularly.

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Three Things Thursday

Hi and welcome to Three Things Thursday! Hope you enjoy these random snippets and do check out what every one else is up to at one of the host blogs – Pink Chai Living, Love Laugh Mirch, and The Write Balance.

Thing One: Desi Designs

For my firstborn we did a very girly nursery, a soft purple and off white room with panel moldings and chair rails, plus a chandelier (of course lol). Girl 2 is going to get her own room this summer and this time I have something very different in mind and I am really excited about it! Think a bright white room with pops of color and some Pakistani kitsch thrown in. So this…


Plus this….

Beautiful Image Credit: Maria Aeliya Jafri

Beautiful Image Credit:        Maria Aeliya Jafri

Whaddya think? Yes, no, maybe?  

You can find my Pinterest board for the room here.

Thing Two: Qwirkle

I’ve been seeing this game around for a long time and got the travel version recently and it is so much fun! I love the strategy element of  it and that my 4 year old gets it. She still needs a little help, but it is a game that we can enjoy now and play for many years to come.


Another recent game that we got and she liked: Wash my (under)pants. For obvious reasons. Sheesh.

Thing Three: Cookie Decorating Classes?

Between Hello Kitty cookies, Frozen cookies, and these just for fun cookies, I have really started to love decorating cookies with royal icing. Would any of you know where I can take classes to get better at it or is YouTube my best bet?

Have a great day and come by tomorrow for my last post of the South Asian Blogger Networks 2-week challenge!

Three Things Thursday

Hello and welcome to this weeks collection of random three things that I have been up to or thinking about, but wouldn’t write an entire post about. That’s in large part because I have a food blog and don’t really know how I would tie some of this stuff in 😉

Thing One: Pretty Perfumes

At one point I had a modest collection of perfumes, at this point I am down to one that I love (Miss Dior), but I can see that it’s coming to an end. Since I no longer casually saunter through department stores smelling hundreds of bottles of perfume for fun (jk, I never did that) I didn’t know what I wanted next. As it turns out those perfume adverts in magazines that I usually just ignore have little strips you can open up and smell and these ones are just so pretty. 

_7796298 _10265472

One day Kate, one day.

Thing Two: Her turn

Perhaps it’s just me, but with my first I was so excited to do things with her, share things with her, come up with new experiences, but with my second it is not even close to the same. Most of the time I plan around my older ones schedule and interests and my second is the lucky beneficiary of her sisters choices.

IMG_2166 IMG_2155

Well a visiting friend provided the perfect excuse for me to change that and this week I took Mishaal to a nearby farm. She loved it. All of it. From just being outdoors to running among haystacks to the mega bumpy slides and her favorite part – the sand pit where she would pick sand up in her little fists and squeal excitedly as she threw it. I cannot wait to take her back. Just her even.

Thing Three: Beautiful Words

This is a bit of an old one, but since I came across it recently I thought I would share one of BuzzFeeds many lists. This one is called 51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature. Read, Reread, Absorb.enhanced-buzz-wide-14821-1417821631-7

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Three Things Thursday

Happy One Day Away from Friday everyone! Today I am back with Three Things Thursday hosted by Love Laugh Mirch, The Write Balance, and Pink Chai Living. Go ahead and check out what everyone else has up their sleeves this week – right after you read this of course 😉

Thing One: “Used” Plates

I can imagine how horrified my mother would be that I recently acquired a chipped plate “Tooti hui plate lenay ki kya zaroorat thhi?!?” (“Why did you need to buy a broken plate?”). Of course my father would ask if the chips in the plates determined the discount received (I am onto you daddy).

In all seriousness I have been meaning to add something with a little more character to my collection of food props and when I heard of someone selling some vintage pieces she had brought over from Ireland that was my cue to get cracking. By which I mean my poor husband and two kids sat in the car on a very hot day while I went through 200 odd plates and cups and got these. Aren’t they so pretty?


Thing Two: Frozen and Frozen

You’ve heard of the movie, yes? lol. I kid – unless you know zero girls under the age of 12 you’ve probably heard of it more times than you like. Well if you follow me on Instagram (@sarahjmir) then you already know two lovely little friends of my daughters had Frozen parties recently and their mothers were kind enough to let me have some fun with some yummy treats.

FullSizeRender (1) IMG_0543

I did these Frozen snowflake cookies for one party and the 3-tiered buttercream ruffle cake with a Frozen Lego topper and smarties nestled in the center for another. Just in case anyone is trying to attempt the M&M cake let me warn you that they sort of pack in over time and don’t gloriously spill over quite as you hoped. You live you learn (sorry Vaish!).

Thing Three: Girly Girl

It is no secret that I was a bit of a tomboy, it is also no secret that I was thrilled to bits when my first born took to trains and roughhousing over dolls and dress up. However, my second at the grand old age of one will throw tantrums to wear dresses, bring me skirts from her dresser to put on top of whatever she is wearing, will walk around carrying a purse and a ‘baby’. It is amusing, somewhat perplexing and occasionally downright irritating. At ONE, really?!?!?!?

DSC_0079 (Large)

I see many sparkly dresses in my future – eeps.

(full disclaimer: I did not buy her that dress, but I suspect she will love for life the friend of mine who did!)

Three Things Thursday

Hello people – I got back last week after a wonderful two weeks in Brazil so today’s Three Things Thursday is going to be Three Things Brazil 🙂

Thing One: Kid Friendly Brazil

Brazilians like kids, like really like them. You pretty much get priority access in every line up if you have kids and – this was very exciting for foodie mama – when you go out to a nice restaurant with your kids no one gives you the stink eye. In fact at one of the nicest places we went to they brought out a very cool distressed leather high chair, pages for coloring, crayons, and a balloon. For real.


Canadians take notice!

Thing Two: Christ the Redeemer

I feel lame and touristy saying this, but it really is something to be standing in front of one of the modern wonders of the world. While it was not as big as I perhaps thought it is still marvelous and incredibly powerful.


Thing Three: Water Babies

I am not going to lie – travelling with a one year old is absolutely not for the faint hearted. Especially when yours wakes up at 6AM every single day. Seeing her sister happily splash around in the pool all day went a long way towards mitigating my ire.

FullSizeRender (8)

But seeing my Zara run up to the beach when we got to Buzios and the sheer delight with which she whooped and hollered and splashed around made everything more than okay. My 1 year old didn’t take to the beach so much, but she found a way to stay ‘busy’.


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Three Things Thursday

You know how sometimes you mean to call someone back, but then you forget and think “oh wait I’ll do it tomorrow” and  then something comes up and you forget again. Then you find yourself a little embarrassed and don’t get in touch out of pure awkward “i-suck-so-much-ness”. Well that’s where I am at with Three Things Thursday. It’s been so long that it feels a little weird being back this week to join in the fun, but I sucked it up and here I am 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone and please pop by and visit the hosts at Love Laugh Mirch, The Write Balance, and Pink Chai Living.

Thing One: My Two Little Things


My younger daughter turned one in November and with each passing day I watch her relationship with my older one grow further and further and it gives me the warm fuzzies like nothing ever before. There is a part of me that wants to hit the pause button on this time so I can savor it while it lasts. Someone needs to tell me how to make this happen!

Thing Two: Madam Secretary


I am a  huge fan of the show The Good Wife not least of all because it has a strong intelligent woman at it’s center and now Madam Secretary has joined it’s ranks in that department. While it is not as hard hitting as other political dramas it is really interesting and I really like the character Tia Leoni plays. If you haven’t seen it then check it out!

Thing Three: Hazelnut Granola

FullSizeRender (1)

I have a well documented love of all things hazelnut so it is hardly surprising that when I saw this at Target recently (sniff bye bye Target) I grabbed a box. Now I am kinda wishing I had grabbed two.


Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for stopping by for today’s Three Things Thursday!

Thing One: The Pakistani Way

I was brought up to do things a certain way – to lay the table the night before a big dinner, to make menus extensive enough that your guests shouldn’t feel just satiated, but stuffed. This was how I believed things just are and to this day that is how I am.

Kofta Curry, Photo Credit: Shayma Sadaat from Spice Spoon, published in Edible Toronto Summer 2014

Kofta Curry, Photo Credit: Shayma Sadaat from Spice Spoon, published in Edible Toronto Summer 2014

Now with two kids I find myself trying to make  it all a little more manageable. My older daughters first birthday had no pizza, no catered food, and sixty people. My second’s first birthday will not be entirely home cooked and may not have sixty people. As we move away from our country of origin to one that is new and so different we all find ways to keep what is important to us alive and give way on things that are less so. A cousin (Hi Saman!) told me about this article by Shayma Saadat of the blog Spice Spoon and it is an absolute must read, especially for my non desi (South Asian) friends who probably don’t understand why we do what we do – “Isn’t a main, a salad, and a side enough?”

Thing Two: Picking on Pinterest 

Okay people I know I am being a little persnickety here, but the pinterest pictures that are longer than the length of my screen are driving me crazy. It feels like my feed is flooded by them and while I get the objective (greater visibility) they are taking the fun out of pinning. I don’t need to see pictures of boiling water, the end product is enough. Thanks.

Thing Three: K for Karachi


I am incredibly sentimental, a trait that I blame wholly on my fathers side of the family. If I didn’t have my husband (not so sentimental) to curb me I would probably have a wall plastered with kitschy truck art to remind me of Karachi. Now thanks to Khaula Jamil “Documentary photographer | Photojournalist in the big bad awesome city of Karachi” there is another way for me to keep Karachi close to me. Her K for Karachi jewelry collection is pretty cool and worth checking out for my fellow sentimentalists. You can follow her on instagram as well @Khaula28 for some incredible Karachi shots.

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Three Things Thursday

Hello folks – and Happy Thursday 🙂 I didn’t think I would make it to this weeks TTT, but the kids are asleep, it is quiet and I can actually hear myself think. Aaaah. Bliss.

I have some TTT catching up to do and this week it’s all about birthdays – mine specifically 🙂 I know, three things, all about me, pretty narcissistic!

Thing One: Wicked

FullSizeRender (1)

I remember being in college and walking around New York looking at the big signs for the musical Wicked and feeling like it was so out of reach. My college student self couldn’t imagine a world in which I could afford to watch it. Many many years later (yes yes I am old now), my husband surprised me by getting tickets to see it as a birthday present and it was AMAZING. We have seen several of the big name shows, but this was hands down my favourite. Also a huge plus – actually spending some time with him without the kids (who I love very much, but y’know).

Thing Two: Friends

I am not sure how it started, but in our circle of friends we make it a point to get together and celebrate each others birthdays usually without kids or spouses. As you can imagine there is a lot of laughter and given that we’re all desi it does get a little loud some times, but I am so profoundly grateful for it. I am an immigrant and it took me a long time to settle here. Moving from the city to the ‘burbs added another element of disruption to my life, but now when I look at the friends I have made and the joy that they bring I would not have it any other way.

FullSizeRender (6)

They also have excellent taste in cakes, but that’s just an added bonus 😉

Thing Three: Cookbooks

We’ve talked about my cookbook collection before and thanks to my friends I have two new additions to my shelves. Cannot wait to make and share things from here with you!

FullSizeRender (7)

Thanks for putting up with my birthday babble this week and for coming by when you do. It is simultaneously humbling and uplifting and makes me happy in a way that I cannot adequately describe. Please go visit the lovely ladies that host this get together at Pink Chai Living, The Write Balance, and Love Laugh Mirch.

To  those of you celebrating it I wish you a very Happy Diwali 🙂

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday! As many of you know Three Things Thursday is hosted by the uber awesome bloggers at The Write Balance, Pink Chai Living, and Love Laugh Mirch. Do hop over to see what they and other bloggers are up to this week!

So here are my Three Things for the week – or rather for the past few weeks …Ooops 🙂

Thing One: Coke Studio

Coke Studio Pakistan is now on it’s 7th Season and while I love the concept – live studio recorded songs that ‘update’ the original in varying degrees – I haven’t really watched that much of it.

I do follow them on facebook though and saw that they recently brought a mash up of two classic songs. I really enjoy both, but one i.e. “Gaadi ko chalana babu” by The Benjamin Sisters had stuck with me over the years. I mean I only know 4 lines of it – as do my daughters – but I do really enjoy them. Here’s to hoping that the song gets a few more fans 🙂

Thing Two: Sandwich it up


Hey Canadian friends – I don’t know if you guys have see it or not, but President’s Choice has had a sandwich bread (thin, long, crustless) out for a while that I am such a fan of. I have used it for traditional tea sandwiches, for ‘pinwheel’ sandwiches for school lunches, as regular toast and sliced, toasted, and dipped into lentils for my 10 month old and it works so well.

Thing Three: Family Pictures

Mir Family 2014 - 19

This year we decided to do our family pictures while it was still warm. Masuma Bandukwala and Sherwin Agwinaldo at Blue Pepper Photography were our photographers and despite baby number 2 not being her usual sunny self and a day that was extraordinarily sunny they managed to give us many beautiful photos that we will treasure for a long time.

(Daddy Jafri stop squinting at the screen, I will send them to you soon!)


Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! After missing yet another week I am back now no thanks to the ‘gentle’ reminder from my friend AG 😛 So here are my 3 things for the week, happy reading 🙂

Thing One: Desi Problems

Having to shower before going to the gym because you just cooked lunch. Feeling personally offended when your child says something is ‘too spicy’ and you know it is mild at best. Knowing you need to walk away from the black eyeliner, but being unable to resist.

Thing Two: Instruction Maker

My daughter had a Eid playdate for friends. She started decorating the cake and then turned and said to me “Listen up, I am getting hungry, you finish the decorating and I will be the instruction maker”. I said “like the head chef?” and she said “no, the instruction maker”. After giving me many many directions, she then inspected my work, had me add more sprinkles in some parts and said “good listening mama, good job, I am so proud of you”.


At least she is a benevolent tyrant.

Thing Three: The Shoes

When I go to the park I wear sandals. No, not functional Tevas types, but beaded ones, pretty ones. Not necessarily ‘park friendly’ and so in the interest of not having to wear full out sneakers and have something comfy on I bought these shoes (for under 40 – woohoo) and they are so incredibly light that it feels like I don’t have a real shoe on. It is a little disorienting actually, but my feet love it.


I first saw them on a friend in DC last year (hello friend) and thought they were pretty cute. Apparently that’s because she basically has size 5 feet, on my 8.5 they don’t look so cute.

Enh – you win some, you lose some.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Now head on over to The Write Balance, Pink Chai Living, and Love Laugh Mirch to check out the other awesomeness that is happening this Thursday.