Three Things Thursday

Happy One Day Away from Friday everyone! Today I am back with Three Things Thursday hosted by Love Laugh Mirch, The Write Balance, and Pink Chai Living. Go ahead and check out what everyone else has up their sleeves this week – right after you read this of course 😉

Thing One: “Used” Plates

I can imagine how horrified my mother would be that I recently acquired a chipped plate “Tooti hui plate lenay ki kya zaroorat thhi?!?” (“Why did you need to buy a broken plate?”). Of course my father would ask if the chips in the plates determined the discount received (I am onto you daddy).

In all seriousness I have been meaning to add something with a little more character to my collection of food props and when I heard of someone selling some vintage pieces she had brought over from Ireland that was my cue to get cracking. By which I mean my poor husband and two kids sat in the car on a very hot day while I went through 200 odd plates and cups and got these. Aren’t they so pretty?


Thing Two: Frozen and Frozen

You’ve heard of the movie, yes? lol. I kid – unless you know zero girls under the age of 12 you’ve probably heard of it more times than you like. Well if you follow me on Instagram (@sarahjmir) then you already know two lovely little friends of my daughters had Frozen parties recently and their mothers were kind enough to let me have some fun with some yummy treats.

FullSizeRender (1) IMG_0543

I did these Frozen snowflake cookies for one party and the 3-tiered buttercream ruffle cake with a Frozen Lego topper and smarties nestled in the center for another. Just in case anyone is trying to attempt the M&M cake let me warn you that they sort of pack in over time and don’t gloriously spill over quite as you hoped. You live you learn (sorry Vaish!).

Thing Three: Girly Girl

It is no secret that I was a bit of a tomboy, it is also no secret that I was thrilled to bits when my first born took to trains and roughhousing over dolls and dress up. However, my second at the grand old age of one will throw tantrums to wear dresses, bring me skirts from her dresser to put on top of whatever she is wearing, will walk around carrying a purse and a ‘baby’. It is amusing, somewhat perplexing and occasionally downright irritating. At ONE, really?!?!?!?

DSC_0079 (Large)

I see many sparkly dresses in my future – eeps.

(full disclaimer: I did not buy her that dress, but I suspect she will love for life the friend of mine who did!)

Haray Masalay ki Murghi – Chicken in a Spicy Cilantro Sauce

Because I am happppyyyyy…clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…

Why the unnatural cheer you may ask?

Especially since this be a savory dish and I am clearly not on a sugar high – well, it’s thanks to this little round up of Pakistani foodies on instagram featuring yours truly along with some of her personal heroes. A HUGE thanks to Sadaf the talent behind Siddy Says for doing this!

Pssst you aren’t already following me on instagram then I am @sarahjmir.

Anyway, on to the dish of the day (yes, yes still singing “Happy” as I type this)…

Cilantro/Coriander is my favorite fresh herb. Although I love the flavors of basil, oregano and thyme the desi in me would not survive without cilantro. It brightens up every dish from a cool raita to a spicy daal. If I like hints of this stuff so much then, well, a dish that relies on cilantro and green chilies for it’s flavorful savory base has got me hook line and sinker.

Hara Masala Chicken

This folks is what I like to think of as my one blender version. The chicken gets cubed, the onion chopped and the rest of the ingredients get ground into a paste in the blender. Saute some onion, stir fry some chicken, throw in the paste and cook on. It’s pretty straightforward and as long as you have the cilantro, green chilies and garlic in there you can play around with the other ingredients to suit your fancy.

A quick note on the spice level – 4 green chillies may seem like a lot, but a lot of the spiciness will actually cook out so if you want it to be seriously spicy then add at least 2 more. I wouldn’t drop below 3 though. Just sayin’

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Crunchy Delicious Hazelnut Sticks

There are biscuits you make to impress people – the pretty kind, the indulgent kind, the kind that you look at and ooh and aah. These are clearly not those biscuits, these are the biscuits that you put into the nearest jar and share with a good friend over coffee and really good conversation. There is something extraordinarily comforting about the crunch of finely chopped hazelnuts toasted to nutty caramelly perfection and I can imagine them disappearing quickly over gossip with friends.

Delicious Hazelnut Crunch Sticks

If you wanted to make these prettier looking you could do so with a little drizzle of chocolate or a dunk in Nutella and some nonpareils. Before gussying them up try them as they are just so you can truly appreciate just how something so simple can be so good.

Added perks? Great hazelnut taste without peeling and toasting hazelnuts AND they are eggless for those avoiding eggs.

Delicious Hazelnut Crunch Sticks

These babies are from Alice Medrich’s book Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy and so far most of the things that I have tried from this book have turned out well including these.

Crunchy Delicious Hazelnut Sticks

On another note, I am sorry for the lack of posts. A crazy combination of time away, failed photos, recipes that I came up with and forgot to write down has meant that I have been an absentee blogger. My instagram followers (@sarahjmir) know that for the most of it I have been cooking and baking away and will have lots to share with you in the coming weeks!

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