Coffee Flecked Blondies with Browned Butter and White Chocolate Chunks

I love blondies – I mean who doesn’t right? They’re basically chocolate chip cookie batter with all sorts of fun add ins. Here’s the thing though sometimes they just make my teeth hurt from their over the topness. I think it’s old age, but I now like my sweets a little less sweet and after trying to find a recipe that sounded right and failing this is what I came up with.

Coffee Flecked Browned Butter Blondies w White Chocolate Chunks

These are rich with the caramelly undertones of browned bitter, just sweet enough and chewy from the combination of sugars, nuanced thanks to the ground coffee interspersed throughout and have white chocolate chunks mixed in to to provide a perfect counterpoint to the more ‘adult’ flavours of this sophisticated take on a blondie.

Coffee Flecked Browned Butter Blondies w White Chocolate Chunks

The ground coffee sounds odd, but finely ground coffee for a drip coffee maker works like a charm. You can dial it down a little if it makes you nervous, but my coffee loving self wouldn’t want to add more. Just be sure to watch the clock carefully on this one – it bakes pretty quickly.

Coffee Flecked Browned Butter Blondies w White Chocolate Chunks

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Nutella Swirl Banana Bread Muffins

These muffins are a bad influence on me. The other day I was at a friends house storing some homemade ice cream I had brought over and I saw about half a dozen bananas in the freezer. I wanted them. So bad. Just so I could come home and make these muffins.

All I have left in my freezer is one shrivelled up little banana and there are no bananas in the house right now let alone over ripe ones. Don’t worry guys I resisted. Only because it’s a gluten free household and I couldn’t have offered her a few muffins in exchange for the bananas – yes, I did think of that.

I was about to wax lyrical about these muffins, but really – with a name like Nutella Swirl Banana Bread Muffins is a sales pitch really needed? You kinda get the picture right?

Nutella Swirl Banana Bread Muffins

Yes, I said get the picture and then inserted a picture below that. I am so not corny.

Okay so here are my favorite parts about this muffin – the chocolatey swirl, the caramelly undertone of the browned butter (only 1/4 cup!), and that it has half a cup of brown sugar making it less sweet, but perfect for a breakfast that feels more indulgent than it is. Win win I say, win win.

A big ol’ thank you to Jess over at On Sugar Mountain for sharing these!

Now if only I had more bananas….

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