Chocolate Drizzled Stovetop Kettle Corn w Oreos and Sprinkles

And that folks is what a tray of happy looks like when you’re four years old 🙂

Stovetop Kettle Corn with a Chocolate Drizzle, Oreos and Sprinkles

When Salma over at The Write Balance posted her perfect stovetop popcorn recipe I realized  how long it had been since I had made any myself. Kettle corn with it’s sweet salty twist is my personal favorite so that was a no-brainer. The Oreos and sprinkles I had on hand and mixed them in. Mix in whatever you have handy or nothing at all. Because there is such little ‘cooking’ required, once the popcorn has popped this is such a fun thing to do with kids. They love to suggest mix ins, help you take pictures (lol), and of course – taste test.

Stovetop Kettle Corn with a Chocolate Drizzle, Oreos and Sprinkles

Have a bright, happy, colorful weekend. This also brings to an end my ten posts over two weeks challenge courtesy the South Asian Bloggers Network. Thank you for coming back every day. If I could figure out how I would insert a bunch of heart emoticons here 😉

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Roasted Tomato Soup

Butter makes everything delicious. We know this, you and I. We may not like it, but it is the truth. Had I thought of putting it in soup? Nope, that idea is all Tyler Florence’s.

Tyler and I haven’t gotten along so well before. There was a mediocre stew and then there was a time that he totally misled me. Built me up and then disappointed me. Heartbreaking truly. So here is what happened – I was watching that show Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network and he talked about a White Chocolate Pretzel Spread from a place out in California. Then he mentioned that you can mail order it. Let’s not discuss what I, all the way in Canada, ended up paying for it because Daddy Jafri (wonderful man, my buddy, and no wastrel) would not be proud. Let’s discuss instead how disappointing it was. Sigh. I could not taste much of much.

roasted tomato soup

It’s okay Tyler, I forgive you. It is your soup you see, or rather my version of your soup.  And the butter.

Anyway, to get back on track if you want this soup to be over-the-top-good then I would suggest straining it through a sieve because that will give it a beautiful silky smooth texture. Also if you do plan to freeze it then add the cream whenever you warm it again, makes things easier. My current stock of red chili flakes is quite spicy so Zara (after consuming 1 ½ bowl) informed me that it was too spicy. Feel free to add chili flakes later in the game or not at all depending on what you prefer.

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