Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for stopping by for today’s Three Things Thursday!

Thing One: The Pakistani Way

I was brought up to do things a certain way – to lay the table the night before a big dinner, to make menus extensive enough that your guests shouldn’t feel just satiated, but stuffed. This was how I believed things just are and to this day that is how I am.

Kofta Curry, Photo Credit: Shayma Sadaat from Spice Spoon, published in Edible Toronto Summer 2014

Kofta Curry, Photo Credit: Shayma Sadaat from Spice Spoon, published in Edible Toronto Summer 2014

Now with two kids I find myself trying to make ¬†it all a little more manageable. My older daughters first birthday had no pizza, no catered food, and sixty people. My second’s first birthday will not be entirely home cooked and may not have sixty people. As we move away from our country of origin to one that is new and so different we all find ways to keep what is important to us alive and give way on things that are less so. A cousin (Hi Saman!) told me about this article by Shayma Saadat of the blog Spice Spoon and it is an absolute must read, especially for my non desi (South Asian) friends who probably don’t understand why we do what we do – “Isn’t a main, a salad, and a side enough?”

Thing Two: Picking on Pinterest 

Okay people I know I am being a little persnickety here, but the pinterest pictures that are longer than the length of my screen are driving me crazy. It feels like my feed is flooded by them and while I get the objective (greater visibility) they are taking the fun out of pinning. I don’t need to see pictures of boiling water, the end product is enough. Thanks.

Thing Three: K for Karachi


I am incredibly sentimental, a trait that I blame wholly on my fathers side of the family. If I didn’t have my husband (not so sentimental) to curb me I would probably have a wall plastered with kitschy truck art to remind me of Karachi. Now thanks to Khaula Jamil “Documentary photographer | Photojournalist in the big bad awesome city of Karachi” there is another way for me to keep Karachi close to me. Her K for Karachi jewelry collection is pretty cool and worth checking out for my fellow sentimentalists. You can follow her on instagram as well @Khaula28 for some incredible Karachi shots.

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