Deliciously Easy – Buttermilk Skillet Cake with Praline Topping

There is a real problem with this cake. I have made it numerous times, sometimes I have buttermilk and sometimes I do not, sometimes I have cream and sometimes I do not, sometimes I have nuts and sometimes I do not. Yet every single time it turns out AMAZING. So amazing that after I eat 3 slices in alarmingly rapid succession I find the urge to give it away and then am immediately overcome by remorse when I do.

My consolation? That it can easily be made again. Oh and 35 minutes start to finish including bake time and a lovely slightly chewy caramel topping.

This recipe is from the Joy the Baker cookbook. You know how in my last post I had said that Flour is one of my top 3 recipe books, well Joy’s is another one of the top 3. If you have not checked out her blog yet then you absolutely should right here. I sometimes get the overwhelming urge to write her emails starting with a cheesy opener like “Dear Joy, you give me joy”. Luckily I have managed to contain the urge thus far and that despite the fact that she is the genius behind the Single Girl Melty Chocolate Cake.

Anyhow I digress. Back to this wonderful cake which is perfect at teatime or really any time. As said above I have made it with all sorts of substitutions and it is delicious no matter what, but I do find that when I use buttermilk (not the vinegar+milk version) then that is when I get the best results. Also, I don’t have the requisite skillet and just use my 9 inch glass bottom springform pan.

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